Seriously, who is this chick?

I might have a degree in journalism, but this whole ‘online community thing’ is a bit new to me. I wrote a travel blog when I was in Asia (who didn’t?) but it was probably kind of lame. You might have read my “about me” page – if not go ahead, read it now. It is very professional and super, super interesting.

Really though, who is this girl and why do you want to read her blog? Inspired by a) extreme boredom; b) the ‘meet the authors’ page of the incredulous Notes on a Napkin and finally by the fact that my good friends Jon and Emma put together lists which made me think that they were much more developed as people than I when we did this together across the course of several rainy (is it ever not rainy in London?) afternoons – I have worked very hard at compiling the following list of likes and dislikes. Not just food related, but generally.

Maybe you will read these and realise that we are exactly the same. Or maybe you’ll just want to eat dumplings, or ravioli.*

Likes: Cooking/food/food that is stuffed with other food; rap/rapping; clothes with animals on them; lists; cats; Canada; maps; boutique hotels; pears; Gary Barlow;  having my hair played with, shoes. In no particular order.

Dislikes: Tardiness; hypocrisy; flying; “text speak”; being underwater; Tulisa Constostavlos, or however you spell her name; people who apply makeup, and especially mascara, on the tube; people who wear their sunglasses inside; the word “ta”; cyclists who don’t wear helmets; mushrooms, wearing shoes. This last one, according to Emma, makes my life “awash with controversy.”

If any of these things make you want to get to know me better, then stay tuned.

I love Dumplings.

I love Dumplings. (Photo credit: Dim Sum!)

*Further examples of food which is stuffed with other food includes: perogies, pasties, empanadas, calzones, manicotti, tortellini, canneloni, spring rolls, baozi, burrito, chicken kiev and haggis, although this last one I do not condone.


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