My name is Jo and I am a 28 year old Canadian transplant in London. Originally from Montreal, I moved here in early 2010. I don’t like cold or rain.

I was the world’s fussiest eater as a child. Things got better as I got older, but dinner parties were never my favourite. I graduated from university in June 2006 and got on a plane the next day bound for Port Vila, Vanuatu, where I would spend the next several months working in a small community called Lambubu. After this – I would have the travel bug forever, and a food addiction to go with it.*

I traipsed through Australia and Central America, where I discovered the casado and learned to say “El queso tico es demasiado rico.” I moved to Taiwan, where I lived off of cold sesame noodles and kong xin cai but never really got the hang of stinky tofu, which is a story for another day. Heralded by cracked.com as one of the 6 scariest foods in the world, I narrowly escaped balut in the Philippines. South-East Asia. Pad thai, sticky rice, Banh mi. Beer Lao. I met a boy.  We moved to Singapore, where my love for Indian food flourished. I have visited 30 countries, and counting. Indulged in paella, poutine, shitty Scottish food, cheap Croatian wine. I’m settled now in dear old Blighty – I’ve got a real job, with business cards, a home where I’ve actually put up pictures, and two cats. While my access to the Continent is extensive, I can’t take off whenever I want to, so I needed to find another way to discover the world.

In short I needed a project. And this is it! Read on, food lovers.

*The addiction to food was NOT directly related to Ni-Vanuatu cuisine, which consisted mainly of yams.


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